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now, abc2 news at 11:00. >> our sunday of snow bursts is coming to an end. but there is another ináñround wintery weather coming our way. a murder on a maryland campus tonight. we talked to the people that were with the victim before he died. >> you saw a sprinkling of snow today and it is cold tonight. take a look at this. it's a tough drive in the streets of long island tonight. this time last week the northeast was cleaning up q9añf a blizzard and now they are digging out again. we have the most accurate weather center tracking the conditions. >> very v)ñpcold and blustery tonight. heavy burst of snow throughout the day are done now.
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the wind is still with us. still whipping into the free state. 15, gusting at 30 and that makes for a brutal windchill. that is one frigid night. and all behind the storm as it continues to blow out to see. the new england states are digging out again. it's cold and windy. we will talk how things will change by president's day evening into your tuesday. that's coming up. >> you can follow the most accurate weather team on twitter. follow them at abc2 weather. >> well, tonight we have to tell you about the murder of another maryland student. this time on the campus of university of maryland eastern shore. cheryl conner talked to witnesses who were with the
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victim. >> reporter: the brother and cousin are not sure why he got he wanted to come face-to-face with an ongoing argument. >> he loves to make music, a rapper, producer, his work is on the internet for family and friends. for his mother, it is too much. she is consoled by her younger son and cousin who were with the victim on the campus saturday night. >> i saw someone push him. they didn't just push him, they stabbed him. it looked like they went like this. >> reporter: st. clair's brother says that he was driving a car on campus when he got out and approached a group of guys before he knew it. stabbed me. i said for real? and then i looked at his chest and i was like, man, don't tell
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me that you got stabbed. i got stabbed in my heart. >> reporter: investigators from maryland state police are looking for three suspects. >> these individuals were in the roadway. so, again, there was some kind of encounter that occurred when they approached them in the car. we don't know what the issue was specifically at this time. >> reporter: the men did not recognize the men but they thought it followed an ongoing dispute. he wanted to be a doctor. he brought his music to campus talent shows. the 21-year-old sent his mom #is picture before a / homecoming party on thursday. his music may get the family through their grief but why someone wanted to silence his life is still a mystery. >> what made them pull out a knife for one person? there wasn't no need. >> he had everything going for
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him. you stabbed him in his heart. you know what you're doing. >> reporter: the two are not student5ñ4ion the eastern shor campus. they were visiting for the weekend. the university put out a statement saying that the emergency system was activated immediately. we don't know if the suspects were students but they were in their late teens to early 20s. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> if you follow her on twitter, you are one of the first to hear about the murder. you can get updates on twitter. >> mindy mccready who had a number one hit guys do it all the time is dead tonight of an apparent suicide. she was found in her home. she was 37. she was a troubled star. mccready was in and out of jail, in and out of rehab for years. she was halfway through a 21-
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day treatment when her boyfriend died last month. mindy mccready leaves behind two children, one who is 6 and the other is just 9 months old. a developing story out of the city. we are awaiting charges of the raid of the flea market. police went in there looking for cds and dvds, apple products and more than a dozen vendors are accused of selling fake stuff. police say the raid was on individual vendors. the flea market is not shutting down. it will take time for the police to go through the evidence to make the charges. >> friends and family are mourning the death of an emt and paramedic after a tragic crash this weekend. the ambulance was hit by a speeding honda saturday morning. the impact flipped the
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ambulance on qxits side and int a parked car. first responders had to use the jaws of life to get the two out of the vehicle. his father spoke about his son today. >> i could not prouder than i am. he's an incredible person. >> their names will be added to the wall and the two will be remembered like the others lost in the line of duty. >> it was ten years ago this coming thursday when people went to listen to the great white band and died when the nightclub caught fire. there was a memorial today. >> ñsnñi'm still numb. it seems like it was yesterday. >> for ten years, i have been coming to the site. i come here because i believe
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my son's spirit is here, along with the other 99 who parished. >> the hope is to raise $2 million to build a permanent memorial on the site to remember those that died there a decade ago. >> a mother and her 19 month old son were the victims of a verbal attack on a flight. the man began planing when the flight began. when the baby started crying, bennett says that the man physical. >> he fell on to my xa,nface. and his ear -- his mouth was in my ear and he said it again. face. so i pushed him away. >> bennett's son was slapped near the eye. a criminal court has been filed for a simple assault. he is expected to turn himself in but his attorney says he plans to plead not guilty.
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>> instead of going to a sick child, the cash is now in the hands of thieves. the little girl has a virus that causes her heart to expand. for months she has been waiting for a heart transplant. the girl's father works for jet blue and they went to work raising money for the girl. money was swiped from the car of the little girl's parents. her mom quit her job to take care of her sick daughter. the money could have gone a long way. >> to pay a medicine for her when she gets out of the hospital, a copay here. >> a facebook page has been set up so people can donate to earn back some of the money that was stolen. here we go, a sneak peak at the white house immigration reform. >> a document tyñleaked today reveals details of putting illegal immigrants on the 3nqb
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to citizenship. some say it will never work. we have the report from washington. >> reporter: the battle over immigration reform is turning up the heat 8sfdon america's melting pot. "usa today" says it received a leaked draft proposal from the white house that would allow immigrants to obtain green cards within 8 years. it expanded e verify systems so employees can screen for illegal immigrants. rubio was quick to condemn the plan. he issued a statement saying if actually proposed, it would be dead on arrival in congress, leaving us a broken immigration system for years to come. other >> to cut in front of those that came here legally, that tells us that he is looking for a partisan advantage. >> does the president really
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want a result or does he want to beat up republicans. >> i hope that republicans and democrats don't get involved in a washington back and forth side show here and roll up their sleeves and get things done. >> reporter: if they cannot agree on an immigration reform bill, they would hear from him. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal. >> reporter: a group of senators known as the gang of 8 hopes to present new legislation sometime in march. abc news, washington. >> how would you like to see this at eagles desk, the president playing golf with tiger woods and two other guys. the white house didn't allow media coverage of the event. it's a shame. the president practiced for over eight hours yesterday. and the two had met before but
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this is the first time they played together. tiger left after 18. the president went on to play another 9 holes. >> many of you are !=uygoing to taking president's day off and then it's back to work on tuesday. >> but we're going to look how our jobs are changing. how the typical 9:00 to 5:00 is ex extinct. >> always good training to have. skies are clearing out on this sunday night. still cold. and we think more winter weather on the radar by early tuesday. those details straight ahead.
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>> forget about working 9:00 to 5:00, putting off retirement or only taking an internship when you're in college. we have some of the newest trends in the workplace that
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could change how you clock in and clock out forever. >> . >> how long we're working is changing and where we're working is also changing and flexibility is the new norm. recent statistics show that 77%% of employers offer flex time. that's up from just 66% just a few years ago. >> i love it. never had a company that offered this type of benefit. and it's been one that's been very helpful for me. >> reporter: kim has a flexible arrangement. she choses to work long hours a few nights a week in exchange for every other friday off. choosing where you work is now an option for 63% of employees. that's almost twice the amount from a few years ago. employers see the options as a win-win. >> anything that we can do to help them get their work done and keep work-life balance is what we're trying to do. >> reporter: the rise of the
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hybrid job. >> instead of hiring someone for one specific skill set, they're integrating someone with multiple skill sets. >> reporter: james fills a hybrid position. he handles, marketing, sales and production. but after being unemployed for a year and a half, he is thrilled to be employed again. >> for someone who has been out of work for an extended period of time, this is something that more and more of us need to do to get back in the game. >> reporter: phased out retirement. employees don't clock out one last time when they hit the magic age. >> by pulling back the hours is a good time for retireys to get a taste of the retirement life and it gives the company time to strategize for when they are leaving. >> reporter: retirement is ,4w( from kim's mind these days.
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she loves her flex time and so does her boss. >> in another trend is for retireys to go back to their old jobs as contractors or consultants. it can reduce your social security benefits because it is income. >> we can see what can happen when a vacation goes wrong. being stranded for days at sea. don't stay at home just yet. those customers were offered their money back and a few cruise. you can take out travel insurance. plans cover lost baggage and travel delays. you're going to pay between 4 and 8% of the total trip cost. if you're headed to a hurricane prone resort, you can take out a policy to cancel for any ck;v reason. it will cost you more than basic travel insurance.
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and they can get you rebooked and reimbursed sooner if something goes wrong. >> wal-mart is facing bad news tonight when stories about poor sales were leaked out. the e-mails obtained by bloomberg news show panic over slowing sales. one leader called february the ÷j he's seen in 7 years. the payroll tax increase has been blamed for the struggling sales. the company will be releasing its earnings next week for the last quarter. >> you spoke, they listened. makers mark bourbon is reversing the decision to cut the amount of alcohol. they were wanting to lower the whiskey from 45% to 42%. but fans of the bottle were furious, demanded that the
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company think it over and they did. so they're going to have proof. >> well, there were more raids this week end in the uk as the government cracks down on companies trying to pass off horse meat as beef. they are trying to win back customer's trust. this type of scandal is unlikely to happen in the u.s. our country no longer slaughters horses. the companies involved in the scandal do not export beef to the u.s. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's take a look at the weather for you. it is improving weather here on the most powerful radar. you see the snow showers have come to an end. the streamers were coming all the way across pennsylvania towards the great lakes. take a look at some of the weather in motion throughout the day today. it was interesting as we tack a look at the camera shots across
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maryland. that was kind of a wild-looking sky over bel-air. on and off snow showers. brief reductions in visibility. almost can't call these classic snow showers. these were like snow bursts. and then even light accumulations on the football field out the manchester way. let's take a look at current conditions. cold and, yes, the winds are how longs. 22 to 28 miles per hour. windchill from the west is feeling like just 8 to 13 above. brutally cold with the snow showers continuing here as we go through the overnight hours. and we look at the trend here. just a couple of passing clouds through the overnight. not a bad looking president's day. but changes as it moves towards
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tuesday morning. timing will be key. if it gets in here earlier enough, a wintery mix is likely. if it comes in later, it will be more of a rain situation. this will be the leading edge of a front that will bring in warmer area throughout the day. as you see, tuesday, 7:00, an icy mjçmix. and then changing to rain throughout the day. tuesday morning, a commute and a time frame we will have to watch carefully. temperatures won't move much during the day tomorrow. it will be cold enough to support freezing conditions early tuesday morning. throughout the overnight hours will be the everythings of this power house coastal snow. cold winds wraparound this thing tonight. the deep freeze is on and again some of those long snow
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erie and ontario. the winds easing up at daybreak. tomorrow will be cold but not as windy. president's day not a bad day to go out and enjoy the shopping. during daybreak on tuesday, not so much tomorrow evening, it's overnight into tuesday morning when we have the possibility of some icy conditions before we change to rain through the day tuesday. we may even end up close to 50 tuesday afternoon. when the things come in overnight, icy conditions, that will happen friday night. all ny÷=february, these things along. >> tuesday morning, look out. >> i can't keep up. we don't have to deal íwith this. the snow piled up in the northeast is piling up bills. taxpayers are footing the bill to get rid of the snow. the mayor estimates snow is costing the city between 20 to $50,000 a day.
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the state is counting on federal dollars to help with the cleanup. connecticut has been hit hard by the deal. >> listen, if you need a little motivation, we might have found what you need. >> we are going to show you a training that is scaring his !)q'to shape. ♪[music]
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. >> find the motivation to work out? i'm getting tired thinking about it can be a daunting task. but we may have what you're looking for. >> they say it's a matter of life and death. let's find out from eric. >> reporter: are you guys ready to fight for your lives?
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because survival of the fittest has never been this literal. >> reporter: paul is teaching what it takes to survive. >> they will have an opportunity to run, smash, bash, flee, kick and fight for the next 90 minutes. >> reporter: what they will be learning to fight are masses of the unfit. thesauri mario started as a joke between paul and a friend. but with dozens signing up for boot camp, they had to find imagination and heart rate. >> if fighting for your life, if it gets people off the couch and motivated and if it's fun and they're not thinking that they're exercising, that's fantastic. >> reporter: the zombies play against the living in faux
11:26 pm
caused drills. if the dead win, it means for cardio for the living. >> zombies, humans. >> it's more fun than other workouts i've done before. it's fun to see what kind of camps there is. >> reporter: paul says if the real zombie were to occur, you would be ready. >> rule number one,. >> reporter: eric kneel son, abc2 news. >> that looked motivating. >> that's great. >> new meaning to training to xñit's like the military. >> good stuff. military. >> whatever motivates you. >> take a quick check at your president's forecast if you're going to do a workout yourself. cold but not as windy. and a clear day without much in the way of showers. that changes by early tuesday. maybe a brief icy mix.
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so we're watching for an icy start tuesday. we will have the latest tomorrow on good morning maryland. ♪[music] the car on the left was filled up with
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. >> for all the latest oscar news that you need, head out to our website and check out the
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oscar's guide. i was reading that robert de hasn't won an oscar in 32 years. >> i thought that was one of his better roles. >> he's had better movies. >> a great actor. >> we will see when happens. >> i love the best and worst dressed. >> i love that. >> we'll have a lot to talk about. see you tomorrow. >> have a good one. so... [ gasps ]
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